A m a n z i   F e s t i v a l 2019

The next amazing Amanzi Festival will take place from

19 April – 28 April 2019

Program for 2019



A m a n z i   F e s t i v a l 2018

Eastern Capes Premier event organizers are proud to introduce to the public, their thrilling venture for 2018, THE AMANZI FESTIVAL.

Set to take place 30 March – 8 April 2018, with prize money generously sponsored by The Royal St Andrews Hoteltotalling R1,000,000!!,  this event will completely change the face of entertainment in Port Alfred, firmly establishing this Sunshine Coast Town as a world-class destination for tourists and athletes alike.

In addition, this event will play host to some of the worlds greatest sporting talents in their respective fields, World Champions gracing the shores of Port Alfred !  Whether spectator or athlete, expect a week of  Action! Thrills! Sporting Prowess! Beach activities, tents and stalls.

Apart from The West Beach Warfare APB world Tour Body Boarding & World Qualifying Surfing Classic, National Rubberduck & Jet ski races, a One Mile Swim8km Trail Run and Tube races, plus a host of other activities, will cater for the needs of all, young and old alike.

Because THE AMANZI FESTIVAL is dedicated to the upliftment, education and skills training of Port Alfred residents and surrounds, beach activities have been planned, including Trampoline, Fencing and Handball. This is aimed at skills development and fostering unity and social cohesion in our community.